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Depression .

Depression is a psychological problem, infact it would be better to say that depression is a state of mind that is not normal. A person suffering from depression might just look normal from outside but from inside he might be completely tattered or disturbed. Depression for a long time starts to show signs on the physical self of a person.

In this modern life full of stress and speed, the incidence of depression has increased manifold. Depression can be caused by many reasons. Anything and everything can trigger depression symptoms in an individual. To put is simply when an individual's ability to logically take an incident or happening in life diminishes, he/ she slips in to depression. For example unable to handle a emotional situation or a relationship triggers depression, unable to accept a personal tragedy makes a person depressed, unable to achieve what he dreamed for long enough time can cause depression. Basically the cause of depression can not be enumerated clearly though there are broad outlines as to what can cause depression. Every individual is different and so are his abilities to manage.

Depression is a vicious circle. Initially it might seem harmless and a temporary phase but if it is neglected, chances are that the person falls prey to this vicious cycle of depression. If a person is depressed over an incident and continues to be in this stage fro quite some time, his attitude towards life changes, he becomes irritating and pessimist, a sense of guilt or uselessness creeps in to his mind, he starts to fault find with himself and loses confidence. Owing to all this he becomes fearful of handling future incidents of life and thus with every incident of life he keeps slipping in to depression. A person suffering from depression should seek medical help immediately, no matter how small and manageable it might seem to be at the onset. Always remember depression is a vicious cycle and it will drag you in

The symptoms of depression become a little difficult to gauge for they are related to change in behavior pattern of an individual. More over the symptoms of depression do not easily come to the surface. A patient of depression will continue to behave normally in front of the world but there will be significant changes in him, his attitude towards life, his behavior and ways of handling crisis. So if you find your self or some one else behaving different to his natural basic nature then that is the very first sign. There after you can look for other symptoms. A person suffering from depression has disturbed sleeping patterns and losses appetite. In some cases depressed person begins to eat more than usual but not healthy food. It is basically frequent eating of junk food and this is a depressed person's unconscious way to fight depression. Disturbed sleeping patterns also indicate towards depression. More over sleeping is a natural healer and if the person is unable to sleep properly over a period of time, he unconsciously falls in to that vicious circle.

A depressed person will surely show signs of pessimism. His solutions to problems and way of treating daily incidents will reflect some hint of pessimism. because of this his analytical mind is affected. His concentration is lost and he will usually be unable to focus properly. More over certain amount of forgetfulness also creeps in because the concerned person is much stressed, so all his logical capabilities of mind are severely affected.

A depressed person feels that he is "good for nothing" and "everything has gone wrong in life". He leaves fighting back to life, he surrenders and loses heart and this is fatal. For the next stage to this is that he will lose interest in life itself. A fatal stage in depression comes when is person starts to have suicidal feeling and tries to harm him self. In order to save one from this stage, one needs to accept that he is depressed and seek medical help.

Depression can be easily treated once you make up your mind, that's it!!! You need to get up and fight back.
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